Mobile Solutions For Wineries.

A full suite of mobile marketing tools for wineries including Shipping Alerts, Mobile Coupons, Image Recognition on Wine Labels, Mobile Websites and more.

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Entirely Mobile

Entirely Mobile

Allow your customers to participate in your wine marketing programs using any phone, not just smart phones.

Deep Functionality

Deep Functionality

SnippWine offers you every kind of mobile solution you may ever need, from text delivery alerts to coupons to innovative programs for purchase validation.

Full Service

Integrated Full Service

All of our campaigns are done on a full-service basis. We do all the work from conception to execution to reporting.

Your One Stop Mobile Shop.

We can support any kind of mobile-based wine program you desire. Welcome to SnippWine.


Shipping Alerts

Send your customers alerts by text message when their wines are being delivered. They won't miss a delivery, and you won't have to process an expensive return.


Mobile Coupons

Using our SnippCheck Mobile Receipt Processing Solution, customers send in photos of their receipts showing a qualified wine purchase through email or messaging and receive coupons, follow-up messages, emails and seasonal recipes with coupons. No mail to send, no forms to fill, no expensive fulfillment needed.

Mobile Websites

Snipp's SiteBuilder solution allows you to easily and quickly create mobile websites. Create companion mobile microsites for each one of your products, for special campaigns or specific events you may be having.

Mobile Websites
Text Messaging

Text Messaging

Create special keywords that your customers can text to receive special alerts (e.g. for events, special deals), discounts at tasting rooms, to capture their email addresses and cell phone numbers for your database or to unlock secret content.

Wine Rebates

Our SnippCheck Mobile Receipt Processing solution can also be used to do rebates. It costs much less than traditional programs and is extremely fast for customers. Customers simply take a photo of their receipt and submit it by email or messaging and receive back a rebate almost instantly.


Social Sharing

SnippWine's social features are deeply integrated into all aspects of our functionality. We have a host of social mobile functions for sharing pictures, invitations, comments, votes and any other campaign related information, and make it easy to track behavior from sharing to purchase.

Snap A Label

Our image recognition technology allows any image to become a tag; bottle, label or logo. These custom tags provide customers with more information about the product, receive a coupon or any other response you wish to provide.

Snap a Label
Custom QR Codes

Customized QR Codes

Our SnippQR custom QR code generator allows for higher brand recall and participation. Design QR codes that look beautiful and unique, in addition to being measurable and easily connecting the user to any of our functionality.

Contests, Sweepstakes, Events

Drive traffic and capture customer data through the use of mobile contests and sweepstakes. Increase participation and interactivity at events by leveraging mobile to provide information and create fun, unique programs.


Augmented Reality

Additionally, wine labels can be used as trigger images for augmented reality experiences (e.g. a video of the vintner describing the wine in question). We create augmented reality based tours of the vineyards and more!

Mobile Video

Our mobile video delivery solution allows customers to watch your videos on their phones. It also allows you to do post roll redirects - providing customers with coupons or special offers as incentives to watch the video.



All of our programs come with plenty of features to make the execution of your programs easier.


Full Service Implementations

SnippWine helps you conceive, coordinate, execute, manage and review all your mobile programs. You don't even have to lift a finger!

Age Verification

Our marketing programs have age verification integrated into them to ensure compliance with existing rules and legislation.

eWinery Integration

SnippWine is integrated into the eWinery platform, allowing you to launch, manage and review programs from one integrated console.

Data Capture Mechanisms

SnippWine has an entire data capture module that allows you to capture any customer data you wish through text messaging or mobile web forms. Build a database of emails and phone numbers across all programs and utilize for micro-targeting.

Reporting, Tracking and Analytics

SnippWine provides you with a dedicated reporting and tracking interface and can provide customized reporting as well.

Think Outside the Bottle.

Our suite of solutions allow you to create distinctive, innovative programs.

  • Minimize returns by adding Shipment Notifications to your Wine Club programs.
  • Add custom designed QR codes that take users to a dedicated microsite specific to that wine.
  • Offer a mobile coupon or discount in your tasting room to collect phone numbers and email addresses for follow-up marketing.
  • Create a mobile-based loyalty program to increase repeat sales.
  • Allow users to snap a photo of the wine label to get special offers and reviews about the wine.
  • Encourage users to share their mobile wine experience on social media.
  • Improve your customers' rebate experience by using SnippCheck for mobile receipt processing.

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